Joe Rogan Experience #725 Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson

At the end of 2015 Joe Rogan was joined in the studio by Randall Carson and Graham Hancock – what ensued was a three hour conversation about cataclysmic events that changed the face of the Earth 12.8k years ago, bringing dramatic climatic changes that dwarf those happening now, revealing the repercussions that have shaped the planet as we now find it. In the process these events buried much evidence of pre-existent cultures, wiping the historical slate clean, until very recently….the evidence has been mounting over recent decades that counters the orthodox model of the cultural and technological achievements of human ancestry, radically revising the current prevelant view of the past. This is a lively, frank and very entertaining talk, not least of all for Joe’s gobsmacked reactions to the numbers and facts that the two researchers deliver – their picture of the immediate past, since the end of the last Ice Age, its implications for the deep history of humanity as well as for our current times and immediate future needs to be taken in and understood for a more truthful view about the ancestral legacy to be re-established. Think of Hancock and Randall what you will, but, the confluence of their insights strongly illustrate that the past ‘ain’t what it used to be’ and make of this a fascinating and compelling discussion… Graham says, “if you control the past, you control the present and the future as well….”


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